About CXJ RFID Tag

CXJ has over 15 years of experience in RFID technology. We are a RFID Tags manufacturer and global wholesaler providing customers a reliable, one-stop service where you can buy RFID Tag products.

Our factory sits in Shenzhen, China, covers an area of 1200 square meters. Years of RFID manufacturing experience enables us to provide customers with the best RFID solutions. Our company’s advantages in production, research and development, sales and other aspects have been approved by customers and the industry, and has been officially recognized as the national high-tech enterprise.

Professional salesman and engineers in CXJ RFID Tag are highly trained in the field of RFID and are ready to answer your questions and fill your needs.

What We Do

CXJ RFID Tag is specializing in dealing with animal husbandry management, equipment management in various industries, and industrial asset tracking. CXJ RFID Tag also focuses on practical applications and develops products that meet all specifications. We can develop application-specific RFID tags and devices efficiently, flexibly and economically.

Why Choose Us

Professional Business Team

CXJ RFID has entered e-commerce industry since 2008, by starting with only 4--5 marketers, we have more than 150 salesmen up to now through years of efforts.

Widely Approved by Customers

CXJ has long-term cooperation with customers in many countries, which is pleasant and smooth. For example, the United Kingdom, the United States, Chile, the Czech Republic, Australia and dozens of other countries. CXJ RFID Tag is committed to helping customers solve product application problems and meet customer needs.

Professional Production Lines

Our factory is equipped with the new CTP machine, Heidelberg of five colors, four colors of printing machine, 12 synthetic machine, Inverted bag sealing machine, composite die cutting machines, winding machines, and ultrasonic drilling machines.

CXJ Welfare

CXJ has been committed to public welfare and has been highly praised by all sectors of society.