CXJ can not only provide customers with high-quality animal tags and equipped readers, also we can customize an exclusive RFID livestock management system for you, or select or RFID tags to adapt your using system. This type of RFID tags are waterproof and durable, with built-in antenna and custom functions and system, they are perfect for animal epidemic prevention, information record, location tracking, etc.

RFID Livestock System Work Process

CXJ RFID Livestock Management System
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  • Identification (Identify animals by printed number, barcode/QR code, color or shape, etc)
  • Management ( It works with RFID reader by scanning and record the information in the management system,, make ranchers a more convenient working platform)
  • Tracking (The antenna inside of the animal RFID tag can send real- time information of livestock to the system)
  • Automatic Watering (By operating the RFID livestock system, setting the RFID software and hardware to realize automatic watering for animals.)

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Implantable animal tag – A type of RFID tag that is generally composed of microchips.

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