Why Famous Jewelry Brands Adapt RFID Jewelry Management?

In the jewelry industry, some famous companies has been using RFID jewelry management for years, such as “Cleor”, “Jade Jewelry”, “Chow Tai Sang”, “Chow Tai Fook” and so on.

Famous Jewelry Brands Adapt RFID Jewelry Management

They have mountains of goods, stores, employees and a series of business components. However, these make the business more difficult to manage.

Typical Difficulties In Jewelry Industry


  • Inefficient inventory of goods
  • Items are entered into warehouse slowly
  • Manual operation is not accurate enough
  • Goods lost


  • Difficult to categorize
  • Commodity settlement is prone to errors
  • Buyers would wait for a long time
  • Can’t match the stock


  • Unable to count daily traffic
  • Can’t get product sales forecast
  • Unable to solve problems visually
  • Development is hindered

Reasons Why Use RFID Jewelry Management System?

  • Make inventory management more efficient
  • Improve supply chain productivity
  • Provide effective product anti-counterfeiting
  • Effective time and cost savings
  • Effectively reduce labor time and cost
  • Better use of inventory space and reduce additional purchases
  • Master the work efficiency of employees and enhance the management of employees
  • Make it easier for departments to collaborate
  • Improve the speed and accuracy of production data statistics
  • Optimize management mode
  • Inventory efficiency improvement
  • Strengthen the brand marketing model
  • Real-time data transmission and collection
  • To realize those benefits, CXJ supplies customer a complete RFID jewelry management solution

    CXJ RFID Jewelry Management Solution Process
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