For laundry workhouses, hotel and hospital, etc., fabric washing is still mainly based on manual operation and computer semi-automatic management. The drawback is obvious. A lot of manpower needs to be invested in standardizing the placement of items, regular sorting, inventory, etc.

This makes it very complicated and waste a lot of time.

The RFID laundry system can effectively solve the monitoring and traceability, supply, storage, inventory, sending, receiving, washing, loss, and scrap in the whole process. Now it is widely used in hospitals, hotels, nursing homes and other scenarios. RFID can smarter fabric washing & management, reduce costs for enterprises and promote washing efficiency.

RFID Laundry Management Display

RFID Laundry System Work Process

By visiting and successfully cooperated with many laundry workshops and companies, we had made standardized process for fabric washing and management.

CXJ RFID Laundry System Work Process
Benefit from applicable RFID laundry tags and RFID devices, the RFID laundry system can complete the process perfectly..

CXJ Self-Developed Software​

CXJ RFID laundry system software - For PC
CXJ RFID laundry system software - For PC
CXJ RFID laundry system software - For mobile
CXJ RFID laundry system software - For mobile

The platform will collect the data from each section of the whole fabric washing process, obtain their status in real time, and process the data collected by the RFID device:

  • Statistical query on the quantity of fabric and clothing of each user;
  • The total number of various washes per day, month, and period;
  • The amount of washing by category (the amount of towels and sheets per day, etc.);
  • The amount of washing by user and category (how many towels and sheets are per day, etc.);
  • Single fabric position record;
  •  Wash reconciliation statement.

Advantages of RFID Laundry System

  • Significantly reduce the operation difficulty of front-line workers, and solve the problem that washing workers cannot be imported into the information platform;
  • By applying UHF RFID and washable labels to give each linen an ID card to solve the problem of large-scale inventory and accountability of linen;
  • Through the real-time location and quantity monitoring of the whole process, the accuracy problem of traditional enterprises in large-scale inventory is solved;
  • Rental + washing business system, maintenance-free, technical support
  • Solve the problem of mutual trust and data sharing between customers and washing companies through APP software that is searchable to customers in the whole process.

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