CXJ has successfully cooperated with many factories of RFID production line solution. We help customers to customize an effective, long-term RFID process. Here is a short example to explain how we set the RFID tags and devices and to complete the RFID process in a factory.

CXJ RFID Production Line Case

Part 1

Car Parts Production Line RFID Solution

Requirements Work process
RFID Functional Requirements

1. When the infrared sensor are triggered, the RFID tag starts reading

2. When the fixed RFID reader gets a TID, warning lights up yellow, and stops reading the card

3. The operator scans the corresponding barcode(single or multiple), scans the specific end barcode, completes the binding, then the data upload to the network port, at meanwhile, the light lights up green, and triggers the IO to start the assembly line.

RFID Performance Requirement 1、Use the near-field antenna to read the tags, the racks should be dense, and the electronic tags must not be misread or missed
RFID Equipment Installation

1. The reader is placed in the equipment box and installed on the ground

2. The near-field antenna is installed on the ground bracket, inclined 30 degrees to the upper right, and 20cm away from the electronic label. The power should be appropriately reduced for on-site adjustment.

3. The infrared sensor is installed at the position shown in the figure, and single-ended infrared is used.4. The label is bound with a metal tie

Part 2

Equipment List
No. Model Product Quantity Quote
1 CL7206C2 Fixed RFID Reader 1 \
2 CL7205C Antenna 2 \
3 \ Coaxial Feeder 2 \
4 \ Infrared Sensor 1 \
5 \ Sound and Light Alarm 1 \
6 \ Explosion-proof Box 1 \

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