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CXJ is committed to the development and production of RFID, providing customers with RFID solutions required by different industries and application scenarios. Our R&D experts  have more than 10 years experience working on RFID solutions. As a one-stop RFID supplier, we suuply a wide range of LF,HF,UHF RFID tags, RFID devices, and RFID system to create a perfect RFID solution for you.

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RFID Livestock Management Solution
RFID Livestock Management
RFID Jewelry Management
RFID Temperature Measurement
RFID Production Line
RFID Laundry System
RFID Warehouse Management

CXJ can not only provide customers with high-quality animal tags and equipped readers, also we can customize an exclusive RFID livestock management system for you. (Click the picture to browse more details)

CXJ RFID Livestock Management System 

For enterprises have huge volume of goods, stores, employees and a series of business components such as jewelry enterprises. CXJ supplies perfect RFID jewelry management solution to simplify every process in business. (Click the picture to browse more details)

CXJ jewelry management system

Compared with temperature measurement methods such as Infrared, RTD, etc. The RFID temperature measurement solution has more advantages that can be applied in many scenarios. (Click the picture to browse more details)

CXJ RFID Temperature Measurement Solution

CXJ has successfully cooperated with some car parts production workshops/factories with RFID solution. We can help customers to customize an effective, long-lasting RFID process and to choose the applicable RFID products. (Click the picture to browse more details)

Car Parts Production Line RFID Solution

CXJ has created a RFID Hotel Fabric Washing Management system that can effectively solve the monitoring and traceability, supply, storage, inventory, sending, receiving, washing, loss, and scrap in the whole process. (Click the picture to browse more details)

CXJ RFID Linen Washing Management Solution

Compared with the use of barcode to achieve warehouse management, CXJ RFID warehouse management solution is more convenient and faster, it can save much manual works and complete the inventory process automatically. CXJ’s professional R&D center and production lines can help you build a robust inventory management system that brings greater accuracy and visibility to inventory control.

CXJ RFID Warehouse Management

CXJ R&D Center


CXJ Research & Development Center has more than 10 years experience on RFID system solutions. The department includes professional android engineers, RFID tag and antenna designers, product test specialists and RFID system engineers, etc.

Our R&D team mainly works on designing, deploying, managing, maintaining RFID tags and system, helping customers to increase productivity, and to reduce operating costs.

We always aim at supplying the best customized solution to fit your needs.

Whether you’re looking to use barcode, RFID tags or wireless management system, we can customize a perfect solution for you. 

RFID Tag Production Line

Our office works are closely connected with the factory and cooperate efficiently. After receiving the order placed by the customer, our factory can respond as soon as possible. We ensure accurate, fast and high-quality production of all kinds of RFID tags

Successful Cooperation

CXJ has successfully cooperated with hundreds of companies and thousands of customers in worldwide. By supplying high quality RFID products and RFID solutions for different applications, we help clients drive their business forward significantly. Never only focus on short term business, we are always committed to the pursuit of long term win-win cooperation.

Customer Reviews

Steve Miller
Steve MillerSolution Request: RFID Warehouse Management
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Impressive cooperation! CXJ R&D team is professional and reliable. Helped me to complete my RFID warehouse management system effectively!
Gary Smith
Gary SmithSolution Request: RFID Livestock Management
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This is the first time I cooperate with CXJ. They have a great production line and nice salesmen team!
John Brown
John Brown
Read More
We felt comfortable to cooperate with CXJ! The perfect RFID fabric washing solution really helped us a lot on business!
John Doe
John Doe
Read More
As a "VIP" customer of CXJ, I must recommend this RFID company. They have the best RFID products, services, and solutions. I feel comfortable to cooperate with them every time!

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