About RFID Unmanned Supermarket

After the launch of new unmanned retail stores(RFID Unmanned Supermarket) such as Amazon Go, Taocao, Bingo Box, etc., artificial intelligence applications have shown new ways, which makes everything full of possibilities.

CXJ Unmanned Supermarket RFID Solution

We have successful experience on RFID unmanned supermarket. The picture below is a simple structure of an unmanned store that we build for our customer.

CXJ RFID Unmanned Supermarket Solution – Concept Picture

CXJ RFID Unmanned Supermarket Solution - Concept Picture
  1. Setting anti metal-panel on front door of supermarket.
  2. Setting RFID auto charging devices/antennas nearby the smart access.
  3. Commodity areas are just like the typical supermarket.

Successful Case Display

Successful Case Display of RFID Unmanned Supermarket - CXJ RFID

Situation of Unmanned Supermarket

The consumption scene has begun to change to be “consumer” as the center, and many new business models and business scenarios have emerged. Unmanned convenience stores represent innovative means such as big data collection, machine vision, biometrics, and credit settlement systems. The transformation of traditional retail means the industry’s thirst for new technologies and applications.


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