Multiple “The First Time” With Qatar World Cup

  • Held for the first time in the northern hemisphere winter
  • Held for the first time in the Middle East and the Arab region
  • Hosted for the first time by a country that has never reached a World Cup final
  • First use of semi-automatic offside technology on the pitch
  • First female referee
  • The number of participating teams was expanded to 26 for the first time
  • For the first time, five players can be substituted in a match, etc.
"Optimization" for ball games

“Optimization” for Ball Games

Due to Qatar is located in the desert region of the Middle East, the summer climate is very hot, and the surface temperature is as high as 40 degrees Celsius, which is not conducive to athletes competing on the field and fans watching the game.

In order to better protect athletes and improve the comfort of watching games on the sidelines, FIFA and the event organizers rescheduled the World Cup to be held in November and December when the local climate is more suitable.

The Last World Cup with 32 Teams

This World Cup will be the last World Cup with 32 teams participating. From the next one, the World Cup teams will expand to 48 teams! This will further increase the tension and excitement of watching the World Cup and the richness of the game.

The Last World Cup with 32 Teams

Since the military expansion in 1998, the duration of the six World Cups has exceeded 30 days, but this World Cup has only 28 days. Among them, 24 days are game days, and only 4 days are rest days. This means that if a team advances from the group stage to the final, it will face a cruel schedule of “four days a game”. This is a big challenge to the players’ physical fitness and recovery, and will also test the teams’ benches. Depth and head coach command and scheduling ability.

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