As an RFID product manufacturer with 15 years experience, CXJ RFIID can supply a wide range of different types of RFID tags. For the most RFID tag product we supply is livestock ear tags. As a wholesale factory, always supply our customer tags with low price, very competitive price in industry.

CXJ RFID Livestock Ear Tags Supplying

We have provided this type of tag to many customers at homeland and abroad. Fast delivery time and high quality product manufacturing give us confidence to complete more and bigger order.

CXJ RFID Livestock Ear Tags Supplying
CXJ RFID Livestock Ear Tags Supplying

No matter you need to custom numbers, codes, pictures or colors, etc., we can deal them all with perfect quality,, and before your order, we supply free samples for you to check the product.

Other Livestock Management Tools

Ear tags and ear plies are inseparable partner. For different livestock and environment, we supply different livestock ear tag pliers. By using the pliers, ear tags can be easily tagging on livestock.

If you are looking forward to building a smart system for livestock farm, the necessities are RFID chip ear tags and reader for recording the data……

CXJ Livestock Tags RFID Readers
CXJ Livestock Tags RFID Readers

Any questions about RFID livestock supplies, please feel free to contact us.


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