BMW Smart RFID Factory

How is RFID used in BMW’s factories? For example, BMW chooses to use RFID technology because the parts of a BMW car are of high value, and if they are misplaced during assembly, the cost will be greatly increased. Unassembled parts are transported from the production plant to the assembly shop using dedicated, RFID-tagged pallets. These tags can be detected by card readers as the still enters and exits the factory, or as it moves through the factory by forklift, as well as PDA detection at the mechanized manufacturing station.

How is RFID used in BMW's factories

RFID tags are installed on the hangers of the assembled vehicles (enter vehicle, location, serial number and other information), and then prepare the corresponding serial number for each assembled vehicle. RFID readers are installed at each station to ensure that the car completes the assembly task without error at each assembly line position. When the hanger carrying the assembled vehicle passes through the RFID reader, the reader automatically obtains the information in the tag and sends it to the central control system.

The system collects the production data, quality monitoring data and other information on the production line in real time, and then transmits the information. To material management and other related departments. In this way, efficient monitoring in all aspects can be achieved at the same time, and the disadvantages of manual operation can be effectively reduced.

Easier Car Customization in Smart RFID Factory

Many BMW customers choose to order custom cars when purchasing a car, so each car needs to be reassembled or reconfigured according to the customer’s individual requirements, so each order needs to be supported by specific auto parts.

RFID for card customization

In reality, however, providing installation instructions to assembly line operators is very challenging. After experimenting with various methods including RFID, infrared and barcodes, BMW chose RFID to help operators quickly determine the type of assembly required as each vehicle arrives on the assembly line. They use an RFID-based real-time location system – RTLS. RTLS enables BMW to identify each car as it moves through the assembly line, and not only its location, but all the tools used on that car.

Final Part

BMW Group realizes the management mode of RFID factory through RFID technology, realizes accurate and rapid identification of object information, and helps production factories to operate scientifically, thereby improving production efficiency. It is reported that BMW will target Tesla and continue to expand the application of RFID technology in vehicles. Perhaps in the near future, BMW will also become an excellent new energy vehicle company

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