How RFID Ear Tags Are Used in Mengniu Pasture?

In Mengniu pasture, all cattles are wearing RFID ear tags. Some ear tags are also equipped with more sophisticated sensors to monitor the growth and health of cattle and create their own health records. So why RFID ear tags are widely adapted in animal husbandry?

How RFID Ear Tags Are Used in Mengniu Pasture? - CXJ RFID

For Livestock Management

In the big data era, more and more animal husbandry enterprises are using animal ear tags for animal husbandry management. Animals wearing ear tags are closely related to social food safety and people’s livelihood. The animal ear tags are also one of the important equipment in the digitalization process of animal husbandry.

Taking Mengniu as an example, establishing the traceability of the food safety information traceability system in the animal husbandry link can ensure the information of animal husbandry. The completeness and accuracy of dairy products can be realized from the source, and it can also provide livestock data for pastures.

For Data Monitoring

Through the RFID ear tags, you can monitor all the growth data of cattle, such as cow breed, weight information, animal husbandry years, epidemic prevention and control, vaccination, milk production, etc. Data is obtained by transmitting different feeding, resting and stress states through sensors on the cows. These data are connected to the enterprise ERP system for data analysis to optimize the dairy cattle husbandry and improve the competitiveness of the enterprise. Gain more value in terms of cow health and productivity, as well as economic benefits.

In this regard, CXJ can provide customers with mature RFID animal husbandry solutions. By installing the active reader of the RFID tag in different locations such as weighing machine, monitoring gate, etc. It can bring much convenience to animal husbandry.

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