RFID Technology in 2022 Qatar World Cup

Using RFID in Qatar World Cup is an example of how technology is making life easier and more secure. RFID is used in many areas including parking garages, garage door openers, anti-theft devices on automotive ignitions, and electronic badges for access to buildings and vehicles. There are several types of RFID systems, including high-frequency (HF), low-frequency (LF), and infrared. In addition, there are RFID scanners that speed up admissions at high-volume events.

How RFID Used in Qatar World Cup - 1

How Helpful RFID Is in Qatar World Cup

One of the most popular applications of RFID is in advanced sports analytics, where biometric sensors provide instant feedback on players. The use of this technology was introduced in March when Al Rihla stadium in Doha was unveiled. In the upcoming tournament, all 2.9 million tickets will include an embedded RFID smart tag. This is expected to be the largest use of RFID at a public event in the world cup.

There are numerous advantages of using RFID, such as its flexibility, ease of integration with GPS, and its ability to transmit data from one device to another. But it does require substantial resources to be fully implemented.

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