Advantage of RFID Asset Management System

Main Features

The whole RFID asset management system has the characteristics of long-distance rapid identification, high reliability, high confidentiality, easy operation, and easy expansion.


Establish safe and reliable asset files, strengthen asset supervision through high-tech, rationally allocate resources, reduce resource waste, and prevent asset loss.

High Effective

It fully considers the actual situation of the company, studies the problem from the perspective of professional technology, and really solves the problems of disorder and poor real-time performance in asset management. By providing an advanced, reliable and applicable digital platform for automatic identification and intelligent management of incoming and outgoing assets, company’s ability to manage internal assets in real time and dynamically has been qualitatively improved.

Real-time Monitoring

It‘s important to make full use of RFID automatic collection and remote transmission functions for asset management system. This is the way that asset changes and system information be combined in the first time. Managers can get real-time asset information in the office more conveniently.

Low Repeatability

All asset data is input at one time, and the system automatically judges the asset status according to the data collected by RFID in different areas.

By installing RFID electronic tags on products and using a desktop RFID Reader to map each RFID electronic tag to the asset item name, picture, ownership and other information to be managed. and attach it to the asset item for unified management Write data to make the RFID electronic tags correspond to the actual items one by one. In practical applications, the RFID card reader will read the RFID electronic tags and the corresponding items will be displayed.

You can install RFID card readers and antennas at the entrances and exits of the warehouse door, etc., to quickly identify the RFID electronic label information of an item taken from the warehouse, and realize accurate, fast and automatic barrier-free inspection of personnel entering and exiting important passages. .

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