Why do we need different size of cattle ear tags

Cattle ear tags of different sizes are mainly used for different livestock. For example, taller animals such as cattle and sheep need to use larger tags, which can make them more conspicuous, while smaller tags can be used for pigs, donkeys and other animals, which can save a part compared to using large tags the cost of.

How to choose the color for cattle ear tags

Usually yellow is the most commonly used, because it will have a very bright color in the presence of light, which is easy to identify. Other colors such as green and purple also look good in some cases. Specifically, the most conspicuous color can be determined according to the environment in which the livestock is located.

Which material is suitable?

The cattle ear tag made of TPU is the most commonly used. TPU material has high hardness, can resist friction and impact between animals, and is very durable.

Do I need RFID chip within?

If your farm is not too large and you only need to identify a small number of individuals, then RFID is not necessary. But if your farm has a large scale and a large number of livestock, at this time RFID cattle ear tags will be more convenient for you to do data collection and timely control the various indicators and status of livestock.

Custom cattle ear tags with brand

Custom cattle ear tags with brand is a great way to promote your livestock business or farm. In CXJ RFID, we help customers to customize livestock ear tags as requirements. Fast delivery, competitive price are available here for you.

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