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RFID (Radio frequency identification technology) provides a low-cost, efficient and reliable way to collect and store data. It usually completes a data exchange by reading information from other devices by a terminal device, thereby realizing a variety of scenarios and applications. convenience. While people don’t realize that the RFID technology around them is providing convenience.

RFID Applications Examples:

Product Tracking

RFID tags are increasingly used as a cost-effective way to track inventory and as an alternative to barcodes. For example, bookstores such as Barnes & Noble use RFID to identify books to be removed from their shelves and returned to the publishing house.

Checkpoint Payments 

Highway toll payment systems, such as E-Z Pass in Eastern States, use RFID technology to electronically collect tolls from passing vehicles. The car does not need to stop at the toll booth, but passes directly in the lane with RFID identification, and the toll is automatically deducted from the prepaid card.


Many countries, including Japan, the United States, Norway, and Spain, integrate RFID tags into passports to store information about the passport holder (such as photos) and track visitors entering and leaving the country.

Animals Identification

Implantable RFID chips can be implanted in animals and people to track their movements, provide access to safe locations, or help find lost pets.

Libraries Management

Libraries use RFID tags in books and other materials to track book information and provide theft protection. By remotely scanning RFID tags, time-consuming physical contact is eliminated, so RFID technology can be used to quickly and efficiently complete heavy tasks such as book entry and exit inspections and shelf inventory.


such as retail merchandise, often uses RFID tags to identify the location, content and movement of the goods. Walmart is one of the biggest consumers of this technology to assist in tracking the shipment of goods. RFID is also used in some logistics companies for the management of transport equipment and transported goods, with high accuracy, strong security, and more importantly, it is really fast.

For other uses

RFID tags have many other uses, including assisting police in solving crimes, transmitting information about road conditions, and more.

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