“RFID Tags” Includes?

“RFID Tags” contains tags with different frequency of low frequency(LF), high frequency(HF), ultra high frequency(UHF). For the feature of radio and reading, there are active and passive RFID. We should know these features at first.

Reading RFID Tags

Actually we could say that all RFID tags can be read.

  • Passive RFID tag: Can be read anytime because the signals are distributing passively at anytime, they are easier to be set and used.
  • Active RFID Tags This type of RFID tags are carrying battery within, using power to supply the contactless radio frequency actively. They are more powerful. Reflected in the fact that they usually have a longer reading distance.

Do All Tags Support Data Writing?

The Answer is “No”.

Electronic RFID tags can be divided into read-only tags and read-write tags. For example, most of low frequency RFID tags are read-only,

The conclusion is that in the identification process, the tags whose content can only be read but not written is a read-only electronic tag. The memory of this type of tags are read-only.

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