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RFID Vehicle Management System Based on UHF RFID Tech - CXJ

An RFID vehicle management system provides a variety of benefits. It reduces costs, improves customer service, automates parking management and can improve manpower. Read on to learn more. RFID vehicle tags have become an integral part of parking management. Truck drivers read vehicle RFID tags before delivering them to their final destinations. Handheld RFID readers like the Chainway VIN Reader link the VIN to the location of the reader. The readers send location information every hour to a backend server over a 3G network. The data is also stored in case of a network failure.

Less Costs

A well-installed RFID vehicle management system has several benefits. One of them is improved visibility of goods and parts. This information can be shared amongst companies and suppliers. For instance, a tire manufacturer can share information about its latest shipment with a Tesla car company. By using this information, Tesla can automatically reorder wheels when stock runs low, preventing delays in the manufacturing process. And another advantage is lower maintenance costs and labor expenses.

Improves Customer Service

The benefits of an RFID vehicle tracking system for businesses in the automotive industry are many. The benefits can include improving labor efficiency and productivity, reducing operating expenses, and increasing security and access to real-time data. These are all factors that can increase the ROI of a company. A successful RFID vehicle tracking system can significantly improve customer service and company performance. Let’s look at three of the most significant advantages of this technology.

Less Manpower

It has the advantage of reducing manpower and economic expenditure in municipal governments. This technology also reduces the risks of vehicle theft. The RFID intelligent parking system includes a variety of features including automatic guidance of parking spaces, driver identification, and vehicle image comparison. The system also tracks vehicle information, charges, and maintenance records. Chuangyi Technology RFID smart vehicle management system is available for both private and public parking lots.

Auto Parking Management

It is a complete automated parking system that consists of four components: an RFID reader, an RFID tag, and a control board. The reader produces radio frequency waves that the RFID tag recognizes and transfers to a database. Once the RFID tag recognizes the vehicle, the barrier opens and the vehicle is allotted a slot. The barrier cannot be bypassed by an unauthorized user.

Theft Resistance

RFID vehicle management system can significantly reduce car theft. These systems work by embedding an RFID transponder into the key, which then sends unique radio-frequency signals that can only be deciphered when the car is started. The system prevents hotwires and counterfeit ignition keys and reduces theft by as much as 90 percent. Having this security feature can also make window rolls easier, which ultimately improves security.

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