Why to Choose RFID & NFC Rings

Many situations and applications become more convenient with the advent of smart rings, which are almost the smallest commonly used NFC wearing device. It is also a very “ambitious” product, which seems to come out to make a silent struggle with smart watches.

For Fashion

Compared with smart watches, smart rings have a completely different style. As a ring, it is smaller and more delicate. In addition, since smartwatches have been popular in the market for many years, people’s aesthetic fatigue level for smartwatches has also increased a lot. So the smart ring is now more eye-catching. It comes in a variety of styles and colors to suit different people.

Smart Ring, a Great Idea for Smart Wearing - fashion display

For Health

The NFC smart ring also has health monitoring functions. Similar to other smart wearable devices, it can measure almost all basic health indicators, including heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), sleep, respiration, body temperature, blood oxygen level, step count, calorie consumption, etc. It doesn’t lack the necessary functions of these smart wearable devices since it’s small.

Smart Ring, a Great Idea for Smart Wearing - health monitoring

Combining fashion and health is the goal pursued by CXJ NFC smart ring. CXJ smart rings support a variety of styles and colors customization, of course, there are no less functions. Compared with the brand premium, CXJ helps customers pursue higher cost performance, and customize products that are more in line at a lower price. We support customized carbon fiber, ceramics and other mainstream smart ring materials. Our designers and engineers will monitor all aspects of the product during the entire manufacturing to ensure that customers get the best quality products.

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