There are various forms of RFID tags in life, such as card type, ring type, button type, bar type, disc type, key chain type and watch type, etc., as shown in the figure below.


Label-type electronic tags have various shapes, such as bar type, disc type, key chain type and watch type, as shown in the figure.

1. RFID Sticker

This RFID tag‘s chip is placed in a thin paper mold or plastic mold. The film is often glued together with a layer of paper, and the back is coated with adhesive, so that the electronic tag can be easily attached to objects, such as fixed asset management. Dry glue labels.

2. Hanging RFID Tag.

RFID tags are also often suspended. This kind of electronic label is portable, generally encapsulated by plastic, heat-proof, anti-freeze, complete specifications, can provide more convenience for users, users like this kind of small and intelligent electronic label very much, many automobile production lines also use this kind of label to make Quality control.

3. Vehicle ETC Tag.

RFID tags can be used in high-speed toll collection systems. The RFID vehicle automatic toll collection system is adopted. When the car passes through the toll station, there is no need to slow down and stop. The reader fixed at the toll station identifies the vehicle and automatically deducts the fee from the car’s account.

RFID Cards

1. ID card

The ID card contains an RFID chip, that is to say, through the ID card reader, the information such as name, address and photo stored in the ID card chip will be displayed one by one.

2. Traffic card

The transportation card is used to cover public consumption areas such as buses, subways, road and bridge tolls, and water, electricity, and coal payments in a city. It is a safe and fast clearing and settlement network. The RFID traffic card uses the combination of radio frequency technology and computer network to realize electronic charging in the consumer field on the public platform.

3. Access Control

Access control is one of the earliest commercial applications of RFID, which can carry less information. The reader is installed near the gate, the reader obtains the cardholder’s information, and then communicates with the background database to decide whether the cardholder can enter the area.

RFID Implants

Compared with other electronic tags, the implanted electronic tags are very small, and their diameter is smaller than that of a mechanical pencil lead. RFID electronic tags are implanted under the skin of animals for animal ID and tracking. This electronic tag is encapsulated in glass and implanted under the skin of animals by injection to replace traditional dog tags for information management.

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